★★★★★ Amistad

☆☆☆☆☆ Plymouth Port

AMISTAD America, Inc
746 Chapel Street
Suite 300
New Haven, CT 06510                         
Phone:  203-495-1839
Toll Free: 866-AMISTAD

blessing-of-the-fleet-004.jpgIt was an exciting 4th of July weekend in Plymouth; with music, fireworks and 3 tall ships docked in historic Plymouth Harbor for  Sail Plymouth 2009.

plymouthjuly5music46.jpgWednesday I saw the Peacemaker – The Twelve Tribes Tall Ship docked at the Frazier Memorial State Pier next to Mayflower II. Yesterday my Aunt Nancy, Tony, Kate and I went to see the Amistad docked next to Captain John’s Boat-Whale Watching at historic Plymouth Town Wharf. Both tall ships stopped in Plymouth before sailing to Sail Boston ’09.

The Amistad allowed visitors for a minimal cost. The main deck is wheelchair accessible yet there was no wheelchair access from the dock to the ship’s main deck. The visitor’s ramp leading from the dock to the deck was too narrow and there were a few small steps on both ends. The crew was very kind, courteous and respectful. They were so nice to offer to lift my wheelchair onto the ship. My Aunt and friends thought it was risky so I decided against it.

   blessing-of-the-fleet-005.jpg blessing-of-the-fleet-006.jpg amistadmaindeck32.jpg

blessing-of-the-fleet-003.jpg I really wanted to see what it felt like to be on Amistad for there is so much history I learned from seeing Steven Spielberg’s movie, ‘Amistad’. It’s an inspiring story of the struggle of African slaves to get their freedom. In 1839, the slaves of Sierra Leone on board the Amistad Tall Ship revolted and took command of the tall ship to secure their freedom in. The slaves eventually received their freedom in 1841.You can read all about the history of Amistad at http://www.historynet.com/slave-mutiny-on-the-amistad.htm.

blessing-of-the-fleet-001.jpgI give Amistad FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility when they are docked at their home port dock at Long Wharf in New Haven for it is wheelchair accessible and has a ramp and a lift installed by the City of New Haven. I give the Plymouth port ZERO STARS for proving an inaccessible ramp to the Amistad when they were docked in Plymouth. I give the Crew of the Amistad Tall Ship FIVE STARS for their kindness, sensitivity and offer of help.