138 Bedford Street ( Rte. 18)
Lakeville, MA 02347
Hallamore Clydesdale Horses: http://www.thebige.com/agriculture/page2327.html
Hallamore Corporation: http://hallamore.com/
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSueWto1J8s

clydesdale-horses-april-2010-033.jpgI love visiting all the friendly and accessible Clydesdale Horses who live at Barry’s in Lakeville. Barry’s has 20 Clydesdale Horses living on 40 acres of beautiful property. Dennis Barry, owner of Barry’s kindly allows the public to visit every day from 9am to 3pm (closed noon-1pm). It’s a great place to visit and it’s FREE. Barry, the owner and all the employees are very nice and answers any questions you have about the horses.

Yesterday when I stopped by I was delighted to see Chief, the large shiny statue of a Clydesdale horse is back outside ready to greet you as you enter. Chief is kept inside during the harsh cold winters. Once out of my van I was warmly greeted by other beautiful pets that live here with the horses; Harley, an English bulldog and Minute and Shamus, two beautiful Golden Retrievers. They are all very loving, gentle and kind.

clydesdale-horses-april-2010-0441.jpg  0shaymus-at-clydesdale-horses-april-2010-021.jpg  harley-at-clydesdale-horses-april-2010-017.jpg 

These beautiful Clydesdales, many of whom are born in Scotland and England weigh up to 2500 lbs and are about six feet tall at the shoulder. Their feet are all white with white feathers that some call stockings. The horses graze outside in the corals until 1pm before they head back to their stalls for lunch.

Yesterday was the first time I saw these ‘Gentle Giants’ let out of the corals to head back to stalls. Theses Clydesdales are so smart and know where their own stall is. My friends and I couldn’t resist taking a short video of these beautiful horses coming back inside. After they’re back in their stalls you can visit them in the barn.

clydesdales-coming-inside.jpg  clydesdale-running-by-me.jpg  clydesdales-finding-thieir-stall.jpg

I was also pleased to see my friend Prince, a very beautiful and friendly Clydesdale Horse who was bred by Glen Dodd of Charley, England. I’ve become friends with Glenn and love to hear the stories of how Prince was always a charmer and loved by many.

prince-clydesdale-horses-april-2010-036.jpg  prince-clydesdale-horses-april-2010-007.jpg    prince-clydesdale-horses-april-2010-038.jpg

To read more about these beautiful Clydesdales who live at Barry’s you can click on my 2008 review Barry’s Clydesdale Horses and my January 2010 review Barry’s Hallamore Clydesdale Horses – 2010 in which I have more about these horses and other videos you can view of these beautiful accessible Clydesdale Horses.

Once again I give Barry’s Hallamore Clydesdale Horses FIVE STARS for gentleness, beauty and accessibility. I give Barry, the staff and the other beautiful animals who live here FIVE STARS for accessibility, kindness, sensitivity and hospitality.