138 Bedford Street ( Rte. 18)
Lakeville, MA 02347
Hallamore Clydesdale Horses: http://www.thebige.com/agriculture/page2327.html
Hallamore Corporation: http://hallamore.com/
2010 You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtj74G9uRms

barrys-clydesdale-horse-sign.jpgI feel fortunate that beautiful Hallamore Clydesdale Horses live a mile from my home at Barry’s in Lakeville, Massachusetts. I wrote one of my first wheelchair accessibility review of  Barry’s Clydesdale Horses in April of 2008 which you can read by clicking on http://thetravelingwheelchair.com/barrys-clydesdale-horses/ . This review is one of the most visited reviews on my website. I think it’s because everyone loves seeing these Clydesdale Horses who are so magnificent in size and beauty yet peaceful and gentle as well.

barrys-clydesdale-horses-jan-2010-014.jpgI thought it would be nice to take a video and review the accessibility of Barry’s Clydesdale Horses in January during our cold and snowy winter. I especially want to let everyone know Barry’s Clydesdale Horses are very Accessible on cold winter days too. The Clydesdales still go out for a run in the snow covered corals every morning and are brought back into their stalls around 2 PM for eating. The only difference is that these beautiful Clydesdales wear coats during the winter to keep them warm.

barrys-hallamore-clydesdale-horses.jpgDennis Barry is owner of Barry’s Clydesdale and of the Hallamore Corporation. The Hallamore Corporation is New England’s largest rigging, crane rental, heavy hauling and specialty contracting firm dating back to 1895. I love to stop by Barry’s in the morning to see these beautiful peaceful Clydesdales grazing outdoors in the corals. I also love seeing these gorgeous Clydesdales in their stalls in the afternoon.

Barry’s is open to the public everyday from 9am to 3pm all year round. Currently there are 20 Hallamore Clydesdale Horses living at Barry’s. Together they eat about 200 quarts of grain and six bales of hay a day plus have 5 lbs of carrots each just for a snack! Their stalls are fully wheelchair accessible and kept sparkling clean. Each Clydesdale stall has a sign with their name, date of birth, place of birth and weight so you can call each horse by its correct name.

barrys-clydesdale-horses-jan-2010-019.jpg  barrys-clydesdale-horses-jan-2010-031.jpg  barrys-clydesdale-horses-jan-2010-026.jpg

These Clydesdales are Magnificent in Size and Beauty. These Hallamore Clydesdales weigh more than the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Most are from Scotland and England yet a few are from Canada and the United States. They weigh up to 2500 lbs. and are about six feet tall at the shoulder. Their feet are all white with white feathers that some call stockings. These horses are gentle and friendly which is why they are often called “Gentle Giants”. I really love them!

barrys-clydesdale-jan-2010-012.jpg  barrys-clydesdale-jan-2010-011.jpg  barrys-clydesdale-jan-2010-015.jpg

While at Barry’s you’ll also get to meet other beautiful pets that live here. You’ll get to meet Belle, a Miniature Horse; Harley, an English bulldog; Minute and Shamus, two beautiful Golden Retrievers; a friendly cat named Morris; and a German Shepherd. They are all very loving, gentle and kind.

barrys-golden-retrievers.jpg  kenny-tony-and-harley-on-easter-at-clydesdales-april-4-2010-021.jpg   belle-min-horse.jpg

I also learned that Clydesdale Horses usually sleep staning up. They do like to lay down too but for no longer than an hour at a time. Below are a few pictures of a Clydesdale Horse laying down to rest.

easter-clydesdales-taking-rest-april-4-2010-033.jpg  easter-clydesdales-resting-april-4-2010-036.jpg

Barry, the owner and all the employees are very kind and sensitive as well. They gladly answer any questions you have about these magnificent Hallamore Clydesdale Horses.

Once again I give Barry’s Hallamore Clydesdale Horses FIVE STARS for gentleness, beauty and accessibility. I give Barry, the staff and the other beautiful animals who live here FIVE STARS for accessibility, kindness, sensitivity and hospitality.

Added Note: March 20, 2010

How to Make Friends with a Horse

prince-and-tony.jpgGlen Dodd a horse breeder from Charley, England bred Prince, one of my favorite Clydesdale Horses at Barry’s. Glen told me that Legends from the Gypsies say the way to make friends with a horse is: Put your nose against the horse’s nostril; Blow through your nose into the horses nostril; The horse will blow back; and You and the horse will now be friends!

I couldn’t reach Prince’s nostrils but my Mom and Tony tried it and it works. They instantly became friends of Prince which you can see on our video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBZe3IzI4S0.

Added Note: April 10, 2010

I posted a review and video of these Clydesdale Horses being let out of the corals to head back to stalls. Theses Clydesdales are so smart and know where their own stall is. To see my post click on Barry’s Clydesdale Horses Coming Inside.