90 Centre Street
Middleborough, MA 02346
Phone: 800-275-8777

Middleboro Post officeThis week I went to my local post office to mail a gift for my grandmother. Last week I was really upset when I couldn’t get into the  Taunton U.S. Post Office to apply for my passport because it has no wheelchair accessible entrance. I was really pleased to find Middleborough’s Post Office more wheelchair friendly and accessible.

This U.S. Post office has a wide cement ramp that leads to fron t entrance.  The door is not automatic so Ric held it opened while Tony pushed my manual wheelchair inside. It would be a lot easier if they had an automatic door. I approached the customer service counter. The Postal worker was very courteous, kind and helpful to me.

I give the Middleboro Post Office FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They could earn the Fifth Star if they installed an automatic entry door so a person in a wheelchair can independently enter this Post Office.